Talking Points

Use the information below when writing letters to the editor, op-eds, or letters to politicians. Educate yourself so that you can better educate others. Dispel the myths with the facts.

  • Peer-reviewed studies show that hunts do not reduce human-bear complaints.
  • The nation’s leading experts state emphatically that the only way to reduce conflicts is to secure human-derived foods and trash.
  • Governor Corzine’s staff reviewed the science and came down squarely on the side of non-lethal, trash containment. Thus, there were no bear hunts from 2006-2009.
  • Under Governor Christie, DEP Commissioner Bob Martin simply does the bidding of the state hunting agency, the Division of Fish and Wildlife, and the political action committee that backed Christie during the election.
  • Bear hunting does not reduce complaints unless of course they kill every bear in the state. Regulated hunting from 1958–1970 almost did that.
  • At the March 7, 2003 meeting of the Fish and Game Council: The Council all agreed that the child killed in NY was extremely rare. Councilman George Howard said, "All the hunts in the world will not address that…"
  • Garbage containment is extremely important not only for keeping bears away from homes, but it also reduces their population growth rate. Bears without access to unnatural food sources will not gain as much weight. Weight is a major factor in their reproductive cycle.
  • A bear’s diet typically consists of berries, fruit, and seeds. They are primarily vegetarian.
  • Bears are timid animals who often act like prey. Scaring bears, even bears who are used to seeing people can be easily scared off with hoses, umbrellas, broom sticks, and loud noises.