Click here to go to the official Bear Group Facebook page. It has the BEAR Group's up-to-date actions. The BEAR Group's focus is doing things that have impact & matter, keeping us strong, and doing what's right for bears.

Our work will lead to permanent black bear protection. We are the only group in New Jersey that has 85 outreach events, 10 billboards, met with over 57 legislators to keep issue alive, got international coverage for our bears to keep momentum high, does Black Bear Presentations, research, white papers, Op-Eds, has a lawsuit in progress against the hunt, understands New Jersey's political system, and stopped 8 bears hunts since 2000.

The BEAR Group secured Phil Murphy's promise he will stop the hunt. We must hold him to this promise.

Pedals' Law is still critical, even after the hunt is stopped. Pedals' Law will bring down complaints, which are used to justify bear hunting. Keep fighting the good fight!

2016-2017 Bear Legislation

The legislative initiatives below help build momentum for the bears in the state legislature.

S2702 (Pedals' Law) Prohibits bear hunting and establishes non-lethal control program for black bear for five years; prohibits certain actions that result in feeding of bears and requires use of bear-resistant containers; dumpsters, and food boxes in bear habitat. Bill passed out of Senate Economic Growth committee on October 17, 2016. Please contact your state Senators and two Assembly members to ask for support of this vital measure. 

Please ask your senator to co-sponsor the following bills:

S55/A427 - Bear Smart Legislation, as stated above.

S2141/A3527 - Removes bears as a game species. This legislation effectively stops the bear hunt. A3527 was released from the Assembly committee on October 13, 2016.

SR48/AR127 - A resolution that sends a strong message to the New jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife against the drastic expansion of the bear hunt in 2015. AR127 was released from the Assembly commitee on October 13, 2016.

Click here to locate your state legislators.

Bear Smart legislation

Ask Senate President Sweeney whY he's holding up Pedals' law

During the 2016 bear hunt, the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife's director was overheard telling a hunter that Senate President Stephen Sweeney would let Pedals' Law see the light of day. In 2009, Chris Christie promised hunters, a shrinking minority, a bear hunt. He delivered on that promise, had  and now Sweeney is doing the same. 

S2702 (Pedals' Law) sponsored by Senator Raymond Lesniak, will end bear hunts for five years, while nonlethal programs are put into place. 

Bear Smart programs which reduce human-generated foods (unsecured trash, bait, seeds) can be highly successful in separating black bears and humans. Case studies proved that when food was unavailable, bears were capable of living in close proximity to humans without conflict. (Wildlife Conservation Society 2008)

Pedals' Law would correct the failure to organize, implement, and enforce nonlethal solutions preferred by 74% of New Jersey voters. (April 2010 statewide survey conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research)

Let Sweeney know that he should put his full support behind ending the bear hunt, implementing nonlethal solutions, and post Pedals' Law for a full vote. 

Senate President Stephen Sweeney
Phone: 856-251-9801 Email: SenSweeney@njleg.org

Peaceful coexistence

Bear Proofing Tips

Sign the Petitions!

Help us get more signatures on our petition supporting a Bear Smart New Jersey and the bill, S687/A4017. Print out a copy of our 2015 Bear Smart Petition. Have friends, co-workers and relatives sign it. If you'd like to go one step further and staff and information table to get signatures, let us know. We'll guide you through how to find a location and what to do. Send completed petitions to:

BEAR, Post Office Box 613, Manalapan, NJ 07726-0613.

Bear Protection Whispers

The Institute for Cooperative BioBalance provided the Bear Protection Whispers to help save bears. 

Breathe, touch a tree, and open your heart to BEAR energy.


Please sign and share the following online petitions

Pedals' Law Petition


UPcoming outreach Events

Many of our current events are listed on our Facebook page. Please like us and get involved. 

We are always looking for events, such as town fairs, to staff an information table. Contact us to suggest an event or to help staff one.

This year, APLNJ has greatly expanded our BEAR Program's public outreach and advertising - both of which are critical to our mission to educate people about the true nature of black bears, gain their support, and attain permanent protection for black bears.

As you can see from the list below, we have many outreach opportunities throughout the state - with more being added. We hope that we can count on you for your help at these important events. 

Please contact our Associate Director of Outreach and Advertisement, Doreen for more information and to sign up.