Peaceful Coexistence

Can humans and black bears peacefully coexist?

“Yes,” says bear expert Lynn Rogers, Ph.D., of the North American Bear Center. Rogers is a wildlife biologist who has studied bears for 40 years. You may have seen him on the one-hour Animal Planet special, “The Man Who Walks with Bears.” He is recognized around the world as the leading expert in bear behavior.

Rogers maintains that one of the safest places to be is in the woods with black bears. Why? Because black bears are typically not aggressive toward humans. When threatened, their first instinct is to run away or climb a tree. The claws of black bears are strong for climbing trees, but not sharp for holding prey. They are primarily vegetarian. Unlike grizzly bears, mother black bears do not defend their cubs against people. Rogers and his colleagues have routinely tagged black bear cubs in the presence of their mothers.  

According to Rogers, you are…

  • 45 times more likely to be killed by a dog
  • 247 times more likely to be killed by lightning
  • 120 times more likely to be killed by a bee
  • 60,000 times more likely to be murdered by another human being…than to be killed by a black bear.

So if you see a bear, enjoy the experience.


What were you thinking of Little Bear?

When you woke this morning to a December day air

With a warm sun beating down on your fur

With no inkling of this - your last day on earth

Were you wondering where your Mama had gone?

Were you scared of being left all alone?

Gunfire – Confusion – Blood Being Spilled!

Did you see your Mama senselessly killed?

Did you scamper along on little bear feet?

And fall upon the hunter's cowardly "treat"?

What were your final thoughts Little Bear?

Of your mother's embrace tucked safe in your lair?

Rest In Peace Little One

The innocent victim of a murderer's gun.

{Dedicated To Our Beautiful Black Bears} © Darlene M. De Santis 12.3.2012