Why do New Jersey's black bears need YOU?

Because people fear what they don't understand.

While the pro-hunt contingent promotes fear of our timid and gentle black bears, the Bear Education And Resource (The BEAR Group) Group guides residents on how to live responsibly in bear country. It is only through public education, aversive conditioning of bears and containment of attractants, that we can successfully protect New Jersey’s black bears.

Begun in 1992, BEAR is dedicated solely to black bear protection and 100% of your donation goes directly toward that effort. Without our members, we could not serve the public’s need for bear education and non-lethal solutions. It is because of our members, that we can continue to protect our black bears.

For a small donation, you will receive important updates via email to keep you informed of the latest news and critical action alerts.

For members who wish to be further involved, there are many important volunteer opportunities such as public education, tabling events, data entry, petitioning and fundraising. Whether you support us as a volunteer or as a charitable donor, your involvement is much needed and greatly appreciated.

Please be a voice for the bears… Join us today!