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Click here to go to the official Bear Group Facebook page. It has the BEAR Group's up-to-date actions. The BEAR Group's focus is doing things that have impact & matter, keeping us strong, and doing what's right for bears.

Our work will lead to permanent black bear protection. We are the only group in New Jersey that has 85 outreach events, 10 billboards, met with over 57 legislators to keep issue alive, got international coverage for our bears to keep momentum high, does Black Bear Presentations, research, white papers, Op-Eds, has a lawsuit in progress against the hunt, understands New Jersey's political system, and stopped 8 bears hunts since 2000.

The BEAR Group secured Phil Murphy's promise he will stop the hunt. We must hold him to this promise.

Pedals' Law is still critical, even after the hunt is stopped. Pedals' Law will bring down complaints, which are used to justify bear hunting. Keep fighting the good fight!

Senator Lesniak introduced Pedal's Law on October 17, 2016

Visit Pedals' Law Facebook page for details. Contact your state legislators to ask them to support S2702. Find your legislators here.

  • Get involved and be active in the fight to protect bears! 

Look at the events list and volunteer. Donate money toward billboards and literature printing needs. Go to our Facebook page to see the latest things we are doing. Be a voice for bears. 


  • - do nothing to protect public safety
  • - do nothing to prevents incidences and complaints
  • - are recreational trophy hunts
  • Governor Christie, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife, New Jersey Fish and Game Council, and bear hunters should be held liable for any incidences involving black bears because they have failed to support and implement Bear Smart intitiates.

  • What works:

- Public Education - people need to know how to behave responsibly in bear habitat

- Garbage Containment

- Attractant Control

For more information, visit


  • 92.4% OPPOSED TO BEAR HUNT | 7.6% support hunt

On August 11, 2015, the New Jersey Fish and Game Council (FGC) voted to adopt the highly controversial 2015 Comprehensive Black Bear Management Plan (CBBMP). At the same meeting, FGC released the tally of the 60-day comment period, which doesn't add up. There is a thirty-one percent gap between the four percent who support the entire policy and sixty-five percent who oppose the entire policy. See FGC report here.

Bear Education And Resource Program filed an Open Public Records Act request (#177273) to review the entire record. On November 25, ten volunteers counted the cards and letters received. Over the next several days, the electronic online record was tabulated. 

A total of 10,093 records were counted. A whopping 9,327 comments opposed the bear hunt, compared to 766 comments in favor of the hunt. This works out to 92.4% opposed and 7.6% in favor. 

The New Jersey Department of Environmental press office: "It's not a popularity contest," the DEP's Larry Hajna explained, noting the uncounted comments "...were from emails that generally oppose bear hunting, and we were looking for substantive comments on why something should or should not be done." 

Our position: All public comments opposed to the hunt are substantive. 

  • 2017 Billboards

Billboards are effective at reaching large numbers of people. Each billboard is 10'5"h x 22'8"w and is up for one month and our goal is to place billboards in different locations all throughout New Jersey.

If you'd like to contribute to our billboard project, click the DONATE NOW button above. Any size donation is appreciated.

Many thanks to Associate Director of Outreach and Advertisement, Doreen Frega and Assistant Associate Director of Outreach and Advertisement, Donna Arcaro for doing all of the legwork for this great project.

We are presently working on getting 10 more boards. Locations to be announced when ready. Please support this effort by donating here


To memorialize all the bears who have been victims of the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife's lethal "management" and to help fund our continuing bear protection work, we are selling these exclusive charms.

The charm features Pedals, whose killing sparked the same outrage that was felt after Cecil the lion was killed. To read more and order yours, click here.


Bear Proofing Tips


Reaching the public through the below outreach events is critical to our mission to stop the hunt and protect bears permanently. Without the public behind us, the legislators and governor will NOT care. And edicating the public about bears reduces complaints and unwarranted fears. 

If you are not tabling with us, start. DO IT NOW!  

Our Outreach Associate Director is always looking for events to accomplish our mission.  Contact the BEAR Group to suggest an event or to help staff one.

The BEAR Group has a great public outreach program and advertising campaign. Can we count on you to get involved? 

Please contact our Associate Director of Outreach and Advertisement, Doreen for more information and to sign up.

More will be added in 2018. The BEAR Group had over 85 tabling events in 2017. Please check back.

Peaceful coexistence

Write letters

Use our talking points and write a brief letter to one of the papers listed below, and to your local paper as well.

Please cc Governor Christie at this address:
Governor Chris Christie
PO Box 001, Trenton, NJ  08625

join us

The BEAR program's sole purpose is to protect black bears. We need everyone involved. To join, click here.

Speak Up

Please use Facebook, Twitter, email, and word of mouth to tell everyone you know about how they can help stop black bear trophy hunting in New Jersey.


Let Adam show you how. Click here.

2016: Adam's new video. Click here.


This is a Bear Smart New Jersey
Join us to make this vision a reality


This is a Bear Smart New Jersey
Join us to make this vision a reality


Peaceful Coexistence

This is a Bear Smart New Jersey
Join us to make this vision a reality

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