NJ-DEP COmmissioner Bob Martin Signs Flawed bear policy

Martin flouts legislators and violates public trust

NJ-DEP Commissioner Martin received thirty-one letters from New Jersey State Legislators asking him to call off bear hunt.

Over 6,635 (65%) of comments received were opposed to the entire 2015 Comprehensive Black Bear Management Policy (CBBMP). See comment period details below. Many more were opposed to the bear hunt part of the policy. Of the 10,142 comments received, only 390 supported the policy.

Since August, when the New Jersey Fish and Game Council approved the CBBMP, the commissioner's office has received tens of thousands of calls from the public asking him to not sign the policy.

Here's a copy of what Commissioner Martin sent to the legislators, where he said he recently approved the CBBMP, condemning the bears.  

The CBBMP will be published in the New Jersey Register on Monday, November 16. Commissioner Martin plans on making his big announcement on the same day.

ANGRY? So are we. turn Anger into action!

1. In 2009, during his run for governor, Chris Christie promised hunters, a shrinking minority, a bear hunt. The New Jersey Governor is the most powerful governor in the nation and with an exective order, he can stop the hunt. Christie's office needs to hear from us. Ask him to sign an order ending the bear hunt.

PHONE: 609-292-6000 

2. Please call and e-mail NJ-DEP Commissioner Robert Martin

Phone: 609-292-2885

E-mail: commissioner@dep.nj.gov

~ Tell Commissioner Martin:

  1. That you're outraged he signed a scientifically flawed policy that caters to a small, but violent group of trophy hunters.

  2. Let him know that his signature will be responsible for the maiming, suffering and death of hundreds of timid and gentle bears.

  3. Make sure he knows that you are not going away until the bears are protected permanently.

~ Please join our banner protests. A unique way for people all over New Jersey to protest the bear hunt. More information available in our next email.

NOTE: Our BEAR Program intends on suing. We're not going away and are counting on your continued support.


Upset by what Commissioner Martin did? Get active - NOW!

Please join our unique banner protests. No matter where you live, you can participate. If you and a friend can commit to holding up a banner on a major highway near your home several times over the next three weeks, please contact Eleanor Hoffman at ehoffman204@optonline.net.

We can provide location ideas and send you the banner. All you need to do is sign up, hold a banner, and take plenty of photos. We'll share them to get others involved.

Please help Pedals

In 2014 a bear was spotted in Oak Ridge, NJ walking upright. Fish & Wildlife said he injured his paws, possibly from an auto accident, but we know that these injuries are common in bears who have been caught in snare traps - set by Fish & Wildlife!). They said his paws should heal and he'll be back on all fours. 

Well, a year later he's not. One paw is gone and the other is severely injured. 

He's trying to make the best of his situation, but he's gotten thinner (it's felt he won't make it through the winter), gets tired and rests a lot (often in the road) and to see him walk - upright and on all fours - is heartbreaking. He shouldn't be forced to scrounge for garbage and he's often chased by teenagers. He deserves to be cared for and to have his life made easier. Thankfully, local residents have taken it upon themselves to find help for this bear, whom they've named Pedals. Read more about him on the facebook page: Help SavePedals. Spread the word and like the page.

The Orphaned Wildlife Center (OWC) in Otisville, NY has agreed to take him in, but was recently denied approval from the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife and may not be able to secure permits from the New York wildlife authorities. Of course, Fish & Wildlife is saying to let nature take its course. There's nothing natural about this!

A few articles on Pedals can be found in the Parsippany Patch, the UK Daily Mail and NJ.com.

2015 Billboards

Many thanks to our billboard team, Cathy McCartney (artist), Doreen Frega, Donna Arcaro, and the donors who made this all possible!

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On August 11, 2015, the New Jersey Fish and Game Council (FGC) voted to adopt the highly controversial 2015 Comprehensive Black Bear Management Plan (CBBMP). At the same meeting, FGC released the tally of the 60-day comment period, which doesn't add up. There is a thirty-one percent gap between the four percent who support the entire policy and sixty-five percent who oppose the entire policy. See FGC report here.

B.E.A.R. is demanding that the NJ-DEP Commissioner oversee this rouge agency and not sign off on a plan that expands the hunt in every conceivable way, which shouts out more about the Division of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) providing targets for its hunter-clients than addressing bear complaints and incidences.

A conflict of interest? The same hunter-backed agency (DFW) that tabulates all the complaints, also promotes the hunt. DFW’s dangerously clueless approach to black bears is owed, in large part, to who is running it. The Fish and Game Council, six of whose eleven members must represent hunting clubs, “oversees” the DFW and nominates its director. 

Thanks to everyone who submitted comments. After years of slandering bears, DFW only managed to garner 390 public comments in favor of the CBBMP. A whopping 6,635 were against it. The FGC’s unanimous vote was biased, ignoring the vast majority of public comments. Even without the missing thirty-one percent, the public is clearly against the plan. The vote should have reflected that sentiment. This is why DEP oversight and a recount is necessary.

Our educational and activist objectives remain the same - we are working toward permanent black bear protection.

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This is a Bear Smart New Jersey
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This is a Bear Smart New Jersey
Join us to make this vision a reality


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This is a Bear Smart New Jersey
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