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Please continue to call

ACTION: Please continue to call the Governor 609-292-6000 and express your outrage over the bear hunt. Ask him to STOP pandering to this violent minority, which is less than 0.07% of New Jersey’s population.

Senator Raymond Lesniak’s (D-20) BEAR SMART legislation (S687) corrects the state’s failure to organize, implement, and enforce non-lethal solutions preferred by 74% of New Jersey registered voters.

Senator Lesniak’s legislation incorporates the best science as recommended by leading biologists.

Billboard Advertising

Snare traps: The hunter-back state agency that promotes bear hunting uses snare traps to capture bears for hunt research purposes. As a trapped bear struggles to free himself, the wire cuts deeper causing severe injuries. Often these debilitating injuries can take weeks to heal. 

The photographs were taken by individuals who heard this bear scream out in pain. Fortunately, he was freed and his wounds were treated. Many other bears are not so fortunate. This evidence shows how this agency maims bears with their use of the snare trap. And we need your help to stop them. 

Please sign the online petition here and get active. Help us get more billboards by clicking the donate button below. 

Bear Hunt: A protest against the hunt at a weigh station in the middle of a wildlife management area doesn't have the same impact as a billboard seen by thousands of people each day. 

It is critical to keep the bears in the hearts and minds of New Jersey residents. The best way to keep the issue alive is through advertising. 

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Many of our current events are listed on our Facebook page. Please like us and get involved. 

We are always looking for events, such as town fairs, to staff an information table. Contact us to suggest an event or to help staff one.


Please join us at our next upcoming meetings:

Wednesday, November 12, 2014 and December 17, 2014 
7pm – 9pm
Hillcrest Community Center
1810 Macopin Road, West Milford, NJ 07480

Public Presentations, Outreach, EVENTS

If you would like one of our BEAR educators to give a presentation to your school or organization, please email us or call 973-315-3219.

October 11: Autumn Lights Festival, Union Valley Road, West Milford, New jersey, 10am - 5 pm

POSTPONED UNTIL Spring, 2015: Silent Art Auction, Morris Museum, 6 Normandy Heights Road, Morristown NJ 07960

July 31 - August 9, 2015: Our largest outreach event, the Sussex County State Fair, Augusta, NJ

Write letters

Use our talking points and write a brief letter to one of the papers listed below, and to your local paper as well.

Please cc Governor Christie at this address:
Governor Chris Christie
PO Box 001, Trenton, NJ  08625

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BEAR is the only program in the state whose sole purpose is to protect black bears. And we need the help of everyone to continue. To join, click here.

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Please use Facebook, Twitter, email, and word of mouth to tell your friends, family, and associates about how they can help stop black bear trophy hunting in New Jersey.


This is a Bear Smart New Jersey
Join us to make this vision a reality


This is a Bear Smart New Jersey
Join us to make this vision a reality


Peaceful Coexistence

This is a Bear Smart New Jersey
Join us to make this vision a reality

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